In addition to our product offerings, Bob Bishop offers consulting services to start-ups and ongoing entities.   A recognized leader and advocate of keeping jobs on-shore, Bob is an expert in Lean Manufacturing and Continuous Improvement methodologies.  He works with companies to improve their competitiveness through strategic growth and operational excellence initiatives.


For companies that normally sell mail order products through catalogs or websites, we offer lower cost product packaging without the point of sale advertising that is required for products displayed on retail shelves.  Contact us for details and pricing.



We offer wholesale pricing to certain approved organizations, such as civic groups, car clubs, etc., to raise funds supporting their missions.


Website and mail order consumers can purchase products directly through our online store using convenient and secure payment methods.  We normally ship within one week (usually less) of receiving order confirmation and payment.


Our retail packages include attractive point of sale advertising.  For wholesale pricing and package options please contact us:

How to get our Products

We currently have two products available in our on-line store and have plans to develop more.  See the Deck-Tiedown and Hozeez pages for information on these unique and effective products.

Our consulting services help companies regain competitiveness while producing goods and supplying services.

What We Offer

Bishop Innovations is a family owned, home based business that develops products to solve common everyday problems. 

The founder is an Engineer and Consultant, with extensive experience in product development, manufacturing, and corporate management.  With our low overheads, we are able to offer affordable products that are Made in USA.  We strive to use local suppliers and service providers.

About Our Company